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Please take note that translations of each story synopses and cast pages WILL include spoilers about the drama. 

If you DO NOT want to be spoiled, then please DON'T venture toward those pages.  You have been warned. 


         18, Censoring or Not?

         100% Senorita

         A Game About Love

         Ai Shang Qian Jin Mei Mei


         Angel Lover

         At The Dolphin Bay

         Autumn's Concerto     *Updated 11/25/09*

         Beauty 99

         Beauty Lady

         Black & White

         Blazing Courage

         Brown Sugar Macchiato

         Bull Fighting

         Bump Off Lover

         Calling Love

         City of Sky

         Corner * With Love

         Dance of the Heart

         Devil Beside You

         Diary of Sex and the City

         Easy Fortune Happy Life

         Emerald On The Roof 

         Engagement For Love

         Evil Spirit 05

         Express Boy

         Fated To Love You

         Fighting Spirit

         First Love

         Fly Me to the Moon


         Full Count

         Goku Dou High School

         Green Forest, My Home

         Hanazakarino Kimitachihe

         Hi My Sweetheart     *Updated 11/25/09*

         Hi! Honey

         Holding Hands Towards Tomorrow

         Honey and Clover

         Hot Shot

         I Do?

         I Want To Become A Hard Persimmon

         It Starts With a Kiss

         It Starts With a Kiss 2: They Kiss Again

         Invincible Shan Bao Mei

         K.O. 3 Anguo

         Knock Knock Loving You


         Le Robe De Mariage Des Cieux

  Legend of Speed

  Legend of Star Apple

  Love Bird

  Love Catcher

  Love Contract

  Love or Bread

  Love Overcomes Everything

  Love Queen

  Love Storm

  Lover of Herb

  Magic 18

  Magic Ring

  Marmalade Boy

  Marry Me!


  Mean Girl Ah Chu

  Michael the Archangel's Dance

  Miss No Good

  Momo Love     *Updated 11/25/09*

  Mr. Fighting

  My Boyfriend is a Superstar

  My Lucky Star

  My MVP Valentine

  My Puppy Lover

  My Queen

  My Son is a Mob Boss

  Mysterious Incredible Terminator

  Nan Ding Ge Er

  Nine Ball

  Online Hero (Tian Xia Wu Shuang)

  Only You

  Original Scent of Summer

  Ping Pong

  Police et Vous

  Pretty Girl

  Prince + Princess 2

  Prince Turns to Frog


  Reaching For The Stars

  Rolling Love

  Romance in the White House

  Romantic Princess


  Say Yes Enterprise

  Scent of Love

  Secret Garden

  Secret Garden II

  Secretly Loving You (Summer I Love You/In Love)

  Seventh Grade 

  Shuang Bi Chuan Shuo


  Singles Dormitory

  Smile Pasta 

  Snow Angel

  So I'm Not Handsome

  Sonic Youth


  Star Wish


  Starry Night

  Steal Day

  Success Story of Treasure Island's Young Girl

  Summer X Summer

  Sun's Daughter

  Sweet Lemon

  Sweet Relationship

  The Concerto

  The Happy Times of That Year

  The Hospital

  The Kid From Heaven

  The Legend of Brown Sugar Chivalries

  The Magicians of Love

  The Outsiders

  The Outsiders II

  The Rose

  The X-Family

  Ting Bu Dao De Lian Ren

  Toast Boy's Kiss


  Tokyo Juliet


  Top on the Forbidden City 

  True Love (The Deal is 18 Years Old)

  Wayward Kenting

  Westside Story

  When Dolphin Met Cat

  White Robe of Love

  Why Why Love

  Wish To See You Again

  Working Girl

  Ying Ye 3+1

  Zhui Feng Shao Nian


**Note:  Highlighted in this color means per episode summaries are provided.  Major Spoiler Alert!


Episode Transcripts

         Go on the Stage

         Meteor Garden I

         Meteor Garden II

         Peach Girl

Subtitled Drama

         Farewell Firefly

         Godfather in Pink


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