Episode 1: 


            Being expelled by the school due to a sexual harassment incident, Teacher Yang Ren You is filled with resentment.  He takes advantage of the time when the Xu family is on vacation to bring harm to Xu Yi Zhen.  Fortunately, she was saved by Zou Ke Qiang as he was passing by.

            Zou Ke Qiang auctions pirate CDs on line and in addition, his younger brother, Zou Ke Jie once stole Xu Yi Zhen’s younger sister, Xu Yi Jing’s book bag… so although Zou Ke Qiang saved her, but Xu Yi Zhen still holds resentment in her attitude towards him.

            Zou Ke Jie accidentally discovers that the school has a mysterious chat room website called “Heart of Darkness” which is filled with resentment and criticisms on the school system and the new school building.  Ke Jie is astonished to discover that someone wants to take the lives of twin sisters, Yi Zhen and Yi Jing!


Episode 2: 


            Ke Jie and Yi Jing skipped classes and are playing hooky outside of the school when Yi Jing suddenly has an asthma attack.  Ke Jie’s bad student image caused the school’s teacher to believe that it is Ke Jie who is being a bad influence on the obedient Yi Jing.  As a result, the school decides to expel Ke Jie as a punishment.

            “Heart of Darkness,” this mysterious website which answers to all requests, makes Ke Jie believe that someone is planning to bring harm to the two sisters, Yi Zhen and Yi Jing.  As a result, Ke Jie is anxious to explain to Yi Jing that she and her sister’s life are in grave danger.  However, his good intentions are met with elder sister, Yi Zhen’s misunderstanding.  She believes that Ke Jie is up to no good and so she warns him to stay far away from her and her sister.

            During the late night study period, Xiao Ai accompanies Yi Jing to the bathroom.  However, Yi Jing never returned… immediately after that, Yi Jing is found to have accidentally fallen to her death from the building.  At the scene of the crime, the school teacher, Zhong Yu Wen unexpectedly finds the silhouette of Ke Jie and the expelled teacher, Yang Ren You who is covered in blood…


Episode 3


            Xu Yi Jing falls to her death from the top of the building.  All the evidence is pointed towards Ke Jie as the murderer and he is also unable to distinctly clear up all the details.  However, this case is covered with many suspicions.  Xu Yi Zhen and Zou Ke Qiang both feels that there is something fishy going on and believes that someone else is the murderer…

            In order to strengthen her status as the primary news anchor and also to increase viewer ratings, reporter You Mei Qin, broadcasts that Zou Ke Jie is the murderer before the case is even confirmed.  This selfish action triggers the intense discontent of her son, Lin Jia Wei as well as the suspect, Ke Jie’s elder brother, Ke Qiang.

            Unable to stand the harassments and in order to keep the secret between himself and Yi Jing, Ke Jie returns to the new building at the scene of the crime.  He jumps down and uses death to protect the secret between them…


Episode 4


            Yi Jing’s incident causes the Xu family to be enclosed in a cloud of gloominess and sorrow.  Their mother, Ya Juan and their father, Zhong Yuan hope that following the suicide of Ke Jie everything will be over and can be put behind them.  Everyone can return to the peaceful life that they had in the past.  However, Yi Zhen still believes that Ke Jie is not the real murderer and she insists on finding the truth…

            Yi Zhen discovers a picture of Yi Jing and Ke Jie.  She deeply believes that Ke Jie is not the murderer…  On the other hand, after Ke Jie’s suicide, Ke Qiang realizes how far apart his relationship with his brother really is.

            After Yi Jing and Ke Jie’s death, the people who are related to them and all the secrets gradually reveal itself.  The many layers of secrets are slowly being uncovered…  Yang Ren You Zhong Yu Wen, Xiao Ai, etc… they all have frightening secrets that no one knows about!

            Yi Zhen indicates to Ke Qiang that she believes Ke Jie is not the real murderer.  As a result, they both start to investigate together…

            Zhong Yu Wen receives a threatening CD.  The content is unexpectedly of her affair with Yang Ren You.  What is even more shocking to her is the intimate scene of Yang Ren You and another mysterious female…


Episode 5


            Yi Zhen, Ke Qiang, Jia Wei and Sha Ye Jia imitate the whole process of Yi Jing’s death.  Under the existing clues that they have now and their own presumptions, they are able to clear up Ke Jie’s name as being the main suspect.  However, they all believe that Yang Ren You’s suspicion is the biggest.

            Ke Qiang and Yi Zhen find traces of Yang Ren You near Zhong Yu Wen’s apartment.  Yi Zhen is held captive by Yang Ren You and Ke Qiang is injured when trying to save Yi Zhen.  In the midst of all the confusion, Yi Zhen is shocked to find a picture of Jia Wei kissing Yi Jing.

            Seeing Yi Zhen’s rash conduct, Ya Juan warns Ke Qiang to stay far away from Yi Zhen.  In addition to Yang Ren You’s continuous threats, Ya Juan collapses and is hospitalized.  Unexpectedly, Yang Ren You appears in Ya Juan’s hospital room…


Episode 6


            Ke Qiang goes alone to look for Zhong Yu Wen to have a talk.  He hopes that she can come out and tell him the whereabouts of Yang Ren You.  Instead, she counters with the remark that some people might look like an angel on the outside but is actually the devil within.  Ke Qiang is confused by her remark but is unable to restrain from wondering if this person she is referring to is Jia Wei and gets refuted by Yi Zhen.

            Officer Wang and his team follow Zhong Yu Wen to a movie theater.  Not only did they not find Yang Ren You but they were lead around in circles by Zhong Yu Wen.  Unknowing to them, Yang Ren You had already secretly met with Zhong Yu Wen and tells her…

            Yi Zhen finds out that Jing and Ke Jie’s picture is stolen away by their mother and that she tore it up into pieces.  Yi Zhen doesn’t understand and gets into an argument with her mother!

            Yi Zhen also discovers a big secret.  It turns out that the photo that Yang Ren You took of her is actually “Jing.”  What is even more confusing to Yi Zhen is that on the right hand corner of the picture there is a faint and fuzzy outline of Xiao Ai.  Yi Zhen goes to the school to question Xiao Ai.  Xiao Ai denies knowing anything about the picture.  Yi Zhen starts to wonder how many unknown secrets Xiao Ai is hiding from everyone!  Yi Zhen follows the clue from the picture and arrives at the Black Tea Bubble Shop.  She bumps into a strange man and he takes her to a mysterious place.  Ke Qiang just happens by and follows after them.  Yi Zhen is taken to a secret club called the X-Zone and comes face-to-face with the sexily-dressed Xiao Ai…


Episode 7


            Xiao Ai takes Yi Zhen away from the night club and warns her that this isn’t the type of place where Yi Zhen belongs or should go.  Yi Zhen wonders if Jing has come to this place before.  Xiao Ai refuses to answer and hurriedly leaves.  Ke Qiang, who has been following Yi Zhen, asks her what is going on.  Yi Zhen is not willing to reply to Ke Qiang, who is filled with suspicion…

            Ya Juan can’t stand Yang Ren You’s continuous harassment and murderous thoughts are filling her head!  Ya Juan withdraw a large amount of cash from the bank.  She seems to have come up with a decision…

            Ke Qiang and Sha Ye Jia go to the night club to investigate but couldn’t get in…  They wait outside the night club and surprisingly, finds Xiao Ai…

            Jia Wei finds out that Mei Qin is secretly meeting up with Yang Ren You.  He deliberately informs Officer Wang to ask him for his help to interfere.  He also decides to go and meet Yang Ren You alone.  Jia Wei and Yang Ren You confront each other and Jia Wei gets injured by Yang Ren You…

            Jia Wei secretly goes alone to meet Yang Ren You without telling Yi Zhen.  When Yi Zhen is on her way to Jia Wei’s house to tell him about Jing’s secret which she has found out, she accidentally finds out the feelings that Jia Wei has for her on the writings from his computer.  This deeply touches Yi Zhen’s wavering heart!


Episode 8


            Jia Wei is injured and hospitalized.  Yi Zhen comes to visit him and they renew their relationship from the past.

            Ke Qiang follows Xiao Ai to a motel and unexpectedly bumps into police officers, who are checking IDs.  In her desperation, Xiao Ai jumps from the motel and Ke Qiang manages to save her.  Both are taken to the police station for questioning.  This incident of Xiao Ai working as a prostitute is exposed and Xiao Ai gets expelled from school as punishment.

            Yi Zhen discovers a laptop in Jing’s room and when she goes online, she discovers the website, “Heart of Darkness.”  Moreover, Ke Qiang finds a pencil case within Ke Jie’s room that is locked with a password!  Yi Zhen tells Jia Wei that Jing seems to have had many secrets, many very scary secrets…

            Yang Ren You has a meeting late at night with a mysterious person and Ya Juan also shows up outside the building where Yang Ren You is hiding…  At the same time, Officer Wang finds out Yang Ren You’s hiding place and leads a large group of people to go and capture him.  Meanwhile, Zhong Yu Wen is waiting for Yang Ren You to show up so that they can run away together…  When Officer Wang and his people arrive at Yang Ren You’s hideout place, they discover that Yang Ren You killed himself by burning charcoal!  Zhong Yu Wen arrives at the police station to confirm the body.  On the verge of a breakdown, she is not able to believe that Yang Ren You would commit suicide and in front of everyone, she makes the accusation: “Xu Yi Zhen is a devil in an angel’s disguise…”


Episode 9


            Zhong Yu Wen angrily curses Yi Zhen for being a devil in an angel’s disguise at the police station.  This causes Sha Ye Jia to boldly speculate that Yi Zhen is truly the most crucial person within this case; she is the real murderer.  Ke Qiang reprimands Sha Ye Jia for being ridiculous but he couldn’t help from giving into the spec of suspicion that is creeping up inside of him.

            Liang Ya Juan finds out that Zhong Yu Wen was helping Yang Ren You to blackmail her and Ya Juan is determined to get Zhong Yu Wen expelled.  When she was leaving the school, Zhong Yu Wen coincidentally bumps into Yi Zhen.  Thoughts of getting revenge for Yang Ren You sprouts within Zhong Yu Wen’s head and she kidnaps Yi Zhen and plans to die together with her.  Jia Wei and Ke Qiang arrive just in time to avoid a tragedy from happening.  Ke Qiang points out that Yi Jing is the one that is in the line of prostitution work.  Zhong Yu Wen is shocked while Yi Zhen is speechless.

            Yi Zhen doesn’t want to be faced with Yi Jing’s dark side again.  She is afraid that she will dig deeper and deeper into the truth.  The more that she knows the more embarrassing and painful it is for her.  Ke Qiang is still determined to find out the truth so that he can clear Ke Jie’s name.  Jia Wei begs Ke Qiang to let Yi Zhen go and let her just live her life.  Yi Zhen slowly reveals that she discovered a mysterious website called “Heart of Darkness” from Jing’s computer.  Ke Qiang also finds in Ke Jie’s room a case that can only be opened with a password.  All these secrets repeatedly ignite everyone’s curiosity.  Zhong Yuan couldn’t refuse Mei Qin’s invitation and goes to her house for a lover’s rendezvous.  Just when things are heating up between them, Yi Zhen and Jia Wei returns home.  Yi Zhen sees her father’s betrayal with her own eyes and she rushes out of the door in her agitation…


Episode 10


            Yi Zhen is furious and doesn’t understand why Zhong Yuan would betray her mother.  Zhong Yuan is mortified and does not no how to respond.  Jia Wei tells Mei Qin that he has known about her affair with Zhong Yuan for a long time.  Jia Wei schemed and planned for Yi Zhen to see the whole truth…  Mei Qin couldn’t believe that the Jia Wei in front of her has such a scheming heart.  Jia Wei tells her the secret that has been hidden within his heart for many years which frightens and pains Mei Qin.

            Ke Qiang tried many ways but still couldn’t open up Jing’s secret case.  Suddenly, he recalls, that only students that have been disciplined by the school is able to join as members of the “Heart of Darkness” website.  As a result, he breaks into the school’s administrative office and looks for the registry of names of the students that have been disciplined.  Following the information from the registry of names, Yi Zhen and Ke Qiang arrives at Xiao Ai’s house.  They unexpectedly find the “Heart of Darkness” website on Xiao Ai’s computer and a shocking secret.  Deep in the night, Yi Zhen arrives at X-Zone all alone and inside, she discovers a scene that she couldn’t believe!  Ke Qiang finally finds out a hidden clue within the picture of Ke Jie and Yi Jing.


Episode 11

            Yi Zhen, Ke Qiang and Jia Wei discover the place where Xiao Ai is working at.  Xiao Ai tells the three of them the inside horror story of “Heart of Darkness.”  Yi Zhen once again uncovers Yi Jing’s dark and ugly secret.  The three of them looks for the password to enter into the “Heart of Darkness” website.  They are shocked to find that Ke Qiang and Sha Ye Jia’s names are on the list where harm will befall upon them.

            Ke Qiang is worried about Sha Ye Jia's safety.  Unfortunately, Sha Ye Jia has already been kidnapped by Black Spider and the kidnapper asks for Jing’s secret case as a ransom.  Ke Qiang uses the secret case to save Sha Ye Jia and allows Black Spider to escape smoothly.  Everyone is discouraged but Ke Qiang seems to already have a plan within his mind.  Officer Wang is shocked to discover that the fingerprints that were left behind at Yang Ren You’s crime scene belong to Liang Ya Juan!


Episode 12


            Following the tracing device left on the secret case, Yi Zhen and Ke Qiang pursues the Black Spider’s whereabouts.  Unfortunately, the Black Spider is still able to make a smooth escape.  Meanwhile, Sha Ye Jia brings good news with regards to a complete and intact picture of Xiao Jie’s.  The three of them finally figures out the password and opens up Jing’s secret case.  And inside the case is…?

            Zhong Yuan is unable to forgive Ya Juan for hiding the fact that Jing was working as a prostitute.  As a result, he had a huge argument with Ya Juan and they both expose each other’s fake mask.  Because Xiao Ai revealed the secret behind the “Heart of Darkness” website, she is bombarded with threats.  Her mental state of mind is on the verge of breaking down.  The tracing device on the fake secret case is sending out a signal once again.  From the tracing device, Ke Qiang and Yi Zhen find out the real culprit.  However, it never occurs to Yi Zhen that the real culprit hiding behind the scene is actually…?!  Yi Zhen doesn’t realize that danger is step by step closing in on her!


Episode 13


            Jia Wei exposes Jing’s startling secret to Yi Zhen.  Yi Zhen is feeling shocked and incredulous.  Jing’s secret originates from all the inside story of the vacation center.

            Jia Wei and Mei Qin also discover that Jia Wei’s father is hiding an unbearable secret.  Mei Qin is terrified and Jia Wei severely warns Mei Qin to keep her mouth shut.

            Yi Zhen secretly plans her revenge.  Ke Qiang is worried.  He discovers that Yi Zhen’s determination for revenge is spiraling out of control…


Episode 14


            Mei Qin and Zhong Yuan’s affair is exposed by the gossip magazines.  Mei Qin gets harassed by a large group of media and is physically and mentally exhausted.

            Ke Qiang and Sha Ye Jia unexpectedly discover that the webcam at home has recorded Yi Jing and Xiao Jie’s secret.  Ke Qiang tells Yi Zhen about this matter but Yi Zhen’s determination for revenge did not lessen.

            Yi Zhen heads off to Jia Wei’s meeting while Ke Qiang follows behind her.  However, he is one step too late… Yi Zhen and Ke Qiang finds out the truth from Ya Juan.  The both of them can’t believe it.  Ya Juan choose the road that she is supposed to take…  The night that Yi Jing was killed ~ the truth is once again returned to its original state.

            Yi Zhen peacefully faces all the facts and truths.  Ke Qiang is worried that Yi Zhen couldn’t bear all of this but Yi Zhen smiles and kisses Ke Qiang.  She will use her own way to end everything!


The End.


  translated by mandy

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