Top on the Forbidden City [紫禁之巅]


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                The Dynasty Chuan Bo Royal Dance Group bravely wins the right to represent Asia in the Babylon Temple Dance Competition. Next year's competition represents the highest honor in the World's dancing hall. Therefore, Dynasty Entertainment, invited a world dance championship, Mo Ni Ka, and also a Babylon Temple winner, to come help out. She and student, Tian Xie, joined the Royal Dance Group. Tian Xie's character is lonely and cold because he has a sad love story in the past. As a result, he has always seem to be incompatible with the members of the Royal Dance Group. He is being actively pursued by Aki, one of the group's members which leads to the discontent of group member, Fire and others.

                A small village's temple is bustling with noise and excitement holding some sort of celebration. A group of painted face, Ba Jia Jiang's are in the process of performing a parade. Ba Jia Jiang is headed by Qing Tian. Within the group is a Jia Jiang, who is a female dressed as a male, that is energetically showing off her skills. She is Xiao Ying. Xiao Ying, is the master of Ba Jia Jiang, Xu Jia Hao's daughter. She and her elder apprentice brother, Qing Tian has a brother/sister relationship. Yet Qing Tian has always liked Xiao Ying, it's just that he has yet to express his feelings to her. He promised to conceal the fact from his master and let Xiao Ying dresses up as a man and perform together. The temple celebration attracted a large crowd of audiences. Tian Xie is also one of the people amongst the crowd. He arrives from the US to prepare to participate in a dance performance. He shows up at the temple and is attracted by Qing Tian's Ba Jia Jiang dance. He records the dance moves of Ba Jia Jiang onto his video cam and the lens accidentally captures Xiao Ying's figure…

                Xiao Ying accidentally meets up with Tian Xie unexpectedly countless times. She had some misunderstanding with Tian Xie and unexpectedly took one of Tian Xie's dance badges. It is also because of this dance badge that lets Tian Xie agree to introduce Xiao Ying into Dynasty Entertainment to work. Qing Tian loves Xiao Ying and encourages her to study dancing. Their group of apprentice brothers also established a street corner dance group. Xiao Ying is attracted by Tian Xie's dance moves. Later she was even able to open up Tian Xie's heart. She finds out about the story of Tian Xie's deceased girlfriend, Yue Yue and falls in love with Tian Xie. Xiao Ying shows the dance moves that Mo Ni Ka has taught her to Qing Tian and the group, bringing attraction to Qing Tian's street performance. This event was proclaimed by the media and Dynasty Entertainment is blamed for copying dances from a street performance. This causes a conflict to rise up between Royal Dance Group and Qing Tian's group. Xiao Ying becomes a traitor and she is expelled from Dynasty. Xiao Ying's sadness does not come from her losing her job. It comes from Tian Xie's cold rejection. She is extremely depressed…

translated by mandy